Back Story

Along with the entry of industrial revolution 4.0, the need for certain technologies is escalating. In the industrial revolution 4.0 we need many factors to work in a system that integrated each other. This form of integration will increase productivity, efficiency and reduce expenses.

Present Days

The new factors in the industrial revolution 4.0 are IoT, Networking and Cloud System. The IoT helps to integrate each operational technology to work together.
This integration can help speed up the production process and minimize the human error probability. The network infrastructure helps to accelerate the flow of information between teams and departments. The cloud acts as a database. By centralizing the data from every department, it makes it easier for management to gather information, make a corporate decision or strategy and even mitigate disaster.


We crave for innovation and innovation to keep competitive and stay ahead in the industry. With our mission, we use our principles and aim for a sustainable management system. We provide superior value service to overcome challenges

Technical expertise

Deep understanding of hardware, software, and networking technologies to provide effective solutions.

Analytical skills

Strong ability to assess complex technical issues and identify root causes and explain complex technical concepts in simple terms.

Management Service

With the Sangkil Teamwork System, we can supervise IT needs and issues to control the risk.

Best Practice

Understanding of clients’ business and industry trends to provide the right solutions.

Let's find the solution together