Client Background

Soewito, Fajar and Partners Association (TaxPrime) is a Tax Consultant based in Jakarta. With a focus on providing expert tax advice and services, they have built a loyal client base over the years. However, they faced a significant challenge in managing their website effectively and efficiently to showcase their expertise and attract potential clients.

Client Challenges

Soewito, Fajar and Partners Association (TaxPrime) wanted to have web-based apps that can be accessed by all employees using the same portal and can be connected to various links owned by the company. Besides that, they also need some kind of website for the internal. Soewito, Fajar and Partners Association (TaxPrime) also expecting that this system will make it easier and faster for employees to do their work because it will be integrated and connected through apps portals.

Client Expectation and Needs

Soewito, Fajar and Partners Association (TaxPrime) wanted to build an integrated portal system and hoped that Xapiens as a company engaged in ICT could provide solutions and implement these solutions in their company. After discussing with Sangkil, Sangkil offered to apply the Sharepoint Intranet Portal for Soewito, Fajar and Partners Association (TaxPrime)

Our Solutions and Implementations

Sangkil provides a solution in the form of implementing an online SharePoint carried out by the developer team from Sangkil so that it could meet the needs and desires of Soewito, Fajar and Partners Association (TaxPrime). Sharepoint Online provides benefits in the form of real-time, makes it easier to find files and documents, trail reports, and is also cloud-based so that it is more cost-efficient. Our team that is involved: 1. Project Manager 2. Professional Business Analyst 3. Development Team The implementation: Make an agreement with the Soewito, Fajar and Partners Association (TaxPrime) team regarding how the project was going, such as what the scope and sprint were and how many stages there were so that the right strategy could be drawn up Updating and checking every progress made or obstacles faced on a daily basis Doing testing together with the user until the system could run perfectly.


The process of registering the client document can be managed properly Make it easier for clients to search a document. Specific users will receive an email notification during the document registration process until the approval process is complete There is an Audit Trail Report which is used to view log data on TaxPrime portal Can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and using any device Cost Efficiency due to using the cloud.