Project Management System

Client Background

Our client is a tax consulting firm based in Jakarta. With over 10 years of experience in providing tax-related services to a diverse range of clients, they have built a strong reputation for their expertise and professionalism. However, as their client base grew, so did their workload, leading to challenges in managing and organizing the increasing volume of tax-related tasks.

Client Challenges

Our client was facing significant difficulties in managing their workload efficiently. With a high volume of tax-related documents, forms, and data to process, they were struggling to maintain accuracy, meet deadlines, and provide timely services to their clients. This inefficiency was not only impacting their productivity but also risking potential errors and customer satisfaction.

Client Expectation and Needs

The client had a clear expectation of finding a solution that could alleviate their workload burden, streamline their tax processes, and enhance overall efficiency. They needed a robust and user-friendly system that could effectively organize and track tax-related tasks, documents, deadlines, and client information. It was essential for them to have a centralized platform that could facilitate collaboration among team members and ensure data security.

Our Solutions and Implementations

Understanding the client’s challenges and requirements, we recommended the implementation with comprehensive Project Management System (PMS), Teamwork. Teamwork offered a range of features and functionalities designed to address the client’s pain points. It included modules for document management, task tracking, deadline reminders, client communication, and collaboration tools. This system has wide variety of features that very useful and meet the requirement of the tax consulting industry.


The impact of implementing Teamwork was transformative for our client. They experienced a significant reduction in manual administrative tasks, allowing their team to focus more on high-value activities and providing exceptional client service. Teamwork help streamlined their workload management, enabling easy organization and retrieval of tax-related documents and data. Deadlines were tracked effectively, ensuring timely completion of tasks and minimizing the risk of errors. The centralized platform facilitated seamless collaboration among team members, enhancing communication and increasing overall efficiency.

As a result, our client witnessed a remarkable increase in productivity, improved accuracy in their tax processes, and enhanced client satisfaction. With their workload streamlined and optimized, they were able to scale their business, take on more clients, and achieve greater profitability. Teamwork has proved to be a valuable asset, empowering our client to overcome their workload challenges and thrive in their tax consulting endeavors.